The practice of periodic fasting can raise a number of issues for women. Science

The practice of periodic fasting can raise a number of issues for women. Science

Recently, intermittent fasting has become a very popular solution for losing weight, not only among women, but also among men, but like any trend – it is worth starting with a thorough reading and even medical supervision – they are now focused on women for a longer time.

Dr. Norissa Kumaran, medical director at Elemental Health Clinic, noted that this type of diet is recommended for women in a more relaxed environment due to hormonal changes, ovulation and cycle changes. Periodic fasting is also popular because set intervals give the body plenty of time to rest during an 8-16 hour period, for example, without having to deal with digestion throughout the day.

Posted in Obesity Society study However, it also supports the physician’s suggestion that alternating daily fasting with time in women of healthy weight has a negative effect on glucose response. However, an intuitive diet without eating blocks may be safer than the results show, but it is highly dependent on the body and medical history is also important.

Mostly, people with hormonal disorders, pregnant women and nursing mothers need a very coordinated approach to this type of lifestyle. However, in my personal experience, there is also an example that periodic fasting has modified the values ​​of those with endocrine disorders. In women with PCOS, researchers have found that intermittent fasting can actually improve fertility by improving insulin sensitivity due to lower glucose and insulin levels.

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