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The popular underwear has been banned in 3 countries – and there's a surprising reason for the decision – beauty and fashion

The popular underwear has been banned in 3 countries – and there's a surprising reason for the decision – beauty and fashion

Three countries have made a surprising decision regarding women's underwear: they have banned an item that is probably hidden in every woman's drawer.

Also, while most people think there is a religious or moral reason for this rule, this is not the case at all. There's a completely different factor behind this that you probably wouldn't think about.

This underwear has been banned in three countries

In Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan New regulations They practically banned lace panties, but there is no doubt that they did so because Because it is considered very exciting and challenging. They made this decision because they believed they could cause serious health problems.

Based on the rule, underwear that does not contain at least 6% cotton will not be available in the three countries from July, and its production and imports will be halted. Most lace underwear contains 4% cotton or less, especially if it is unlined.

By the way, according to the decree of the post-Soviet countries, since July 2014, only underwear containing at least 6% cotton can be sold in stores. The organizations adopted the decree in 2011, but it will not come into effect until this summer.

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Their goal is to protect customers from synthetic clothing that does not absorb moisture sufficiently and can therefore be a source of various infections and diseases. Many people protested the decree, as one of the most popular types of underwear was pulled from shelves, although health doubts have a real basis.

Synthetic underwear does not absorb moisture, does not allow the skin and intimate area to ventilate properly, thus creating an ideal environment for bacteria to multiply. Those who wear them regularly and are more susceptible to disease may develop bacterial and fungal infections, as well as cystitis more often.

However, the emphasis here should also be on moderation and awareness. There is usually no problem wearing such pieces every now and then, but they are not ideal options for nightly and continuous use.

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