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The Polish Parliament voted that there would be no gas increase

The Polish Parliament voted that there would be no gas increase

The legislation will now be brought before the Head of State. The bill was voted on by the House of Representatives on December 1 and passed to the Senate. In Thursday’s final vote, some of the Senate’s clarifying amendments were approved.

Natural gas suppliers can charge end users up to PLN 200.17 (HUF 17,338) per MWh. The regulations mean a discount for residential consumers, as well as for allegedly sensitive users, such as educational institutions, hospitals and churches.

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VAT will be refunded on natural gas for households who heat with the gas boiler. However, the refund is available only to single people whose average monthly salary does not exceed 2,100 zlotys (182,000 forints) per month, as well as to families whose monthly income is less than 1,500 zlotys (130,000 forints).

At the beginning of October, the Polish parliament also voted on the Residential Energy Rates Act, according to which, next year, preferential tariffs will be introduced corresponding to this year’s level of up to 2000 kWh of annual consumption.

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