The Polish head of state sat in Satoba

The Polish head of state sat in Satoba

In Poland, which has been hit by an internal political crisis, the main question now is what decisions President Andrzej Duda will make regarding the two important laws, court regulations and amendments to the media law, he wrote. Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the country’s far-right Justice and Justice Party (PiS) President, the de facto leader of Poland is confident that he will veto the former, and support the latter.

Only judicial reform has been changed by the government and parliament under pressure from the European Union, and a change in media law is at the heart of the ruling party. So Duda understands what he can do for Kaczynski, but it will also go against the will of the European Union and the United States. The European Commission considered that the reform of the Judicial Code was incompatible with the fundamental rights of the European Union, and therefore it had to be amended, which could be objected to by the Head of State.

The Washington government objects to the amendment of the media law. Under the new law, companies outside the European Economic Area will not be able to hold a majority stake in Polish media companies in the future. By doing so, the government says it wants to expel the Russians, but there is currently only one foreign investor, mostly in a major TV channel, American, Discovery International, which controls TVN.

Should I isolate myself?

There were indications from Duda’s environment that the head of state wanted to play from Kaczynski’s score, and at that time Washington had already indicated that neither he nor Kaczynski could count on an American invitation in this case. In the case of the latter, this is irrelevant because the PiS chair does not travel, but Duda is missing out on the good American relations he established during the era of former US President Donald Trump.

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According to experts, Duda is the last line of defense against the increasingly radical policy of Kaczynski, which is contrary to the interests of Poland. He recently attacked the United States in internal negotiations, saying that Joe Biden’s government is an enemy of Poland and the Americans cannot be trusted because Afghanistan is also showing that it is betraying its allies. In this case, it should be more isolated. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki and other PiS politicians disagree with this assessment, but they are not strong enough to give Kaczynski a better view.

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