The Polish government will no longer negotiate EU funds

After the Polish government met Brussels’ expectations and abolished the disciplinary chamber of the Supreme Court, it will not make any further concessions in order to obtain the recovery fund. Mateusz Morawiecki talked about this in an interview, where he said financial times mentioned.

“We showed good faith, changed our legislative system and abolished the disciplinary chamber. If Brussels continues withholding support for the pandemic, we will solve the problem without it.”

Matthew Moraveki

Photo: John Theis/AFP

In July last year, the European Court ruled that the Disciplinary Chamber set up in 2018 as part of Poland’s judicial reform, which deals with violations of service ethics and the law by judicial personnel, does not meet guarantees of impartiality and independence. Last fall, the commission began sanctions over Warsaw’s failure to implement the court’s decision to suspend the chamber’s work.

The commission expected Warsaw to include abolition of the disciplinary chamber, reform of the judicial disciplinary system, and re-employment of erroneously dismissed judges among the main milestones of Poland’s recovery plan, which aims to withdraw €23.9 billion in grants and euros. 11.5 billion loans.

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