The Polish government is reluctant -

The Polish government is reluctant –

Withdraws parliamentary support from polishing Kukiz’15 party from the government, because the condition has not been met, which decided last year that four of its deputies will support Government In Szejm – announced the founder of the party, Pawe Kukiz a Notes from Poland According to his report. As a result, the ruler is radical the right side Law and Justice (PiS) and its small remaining party with a slim majority, 260 members in parliament He is forced to continue ruling with 231 deputies.

Kukiz is a rock star by his original career, and in that spirit, he ran in the 2015 presidential election with an anti-elite political bid — to no avail. Last year, his party agreed to support the government as it promised to create a network of elected peace judges, which Cookies said would improve the efficiency of the justice system and boost people’s confidence in a neutral judiciary.

A bill was prepared in this regard, but it was not submitted to the Legislative Council. PiS defends itself by saying that creating a new judicial institution is not an everyday legislative task, not to mention the fact that it also raises questions about constitutionalism.

distrust movement

A meaningless government majority makes it difficult to pass laws, and can also cause serious problems in big cases, such as the filing of a motion of no-confidence against Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. Cooke asked how his party would vote in such a vote.

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Since the PiS and its dwarf affiliate party came to power in the fall of 2019 – or rather have remained in power – there have been regular disagreements between the coalition partners. As a result, one of them left the alliance that they tried to replace with the participation of Kukiz’15.

In Poland, the next parliamentary elections are scheduled for a year, but according to the current situation, there may be early elections if the government loses its parliamentary majority.

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