The Pliés girls returned from Croatia with a bag full of medals

Recently, the International Rhythmic Gymnastics Pirueta Cup competition was held in Verőce, Croatia, where the RG section of the Plié Sport and Recreation Association represented itself with 20 competitors. In addition to host Verőce, our gymnasts can compare their skills with many other Croatian and Hungarian gymnasts. During the competition, the Pliés girls won a total of 6 first, 5 second and 2 third places.

After the cross-border competition, the next major stop will be the federation’s own competition, the SH BAU-Plié Cup, at the end of May, which, in addition to being able for competitors to start on their own court, also provides a great opportunity to prepare for the National Finals of the Student Olympiad held the following weekend. also.

Perotta Ferrovitica Cup Results:

First place winners: Adrienn Pásztor (2018), Lejla Kulcsár (2013), Zita Szabó (2012), Zoé Györei (2011), Lili Novák (2009), Dorka Szilasi (2008), Cintia Flódung (2008)

Second place: Zselyke Sebestyén (2016), Édua Eckert (2015), Zoé Illés (2012), Maja Krizsák (2011), Réka Muk (2008)

Third place: Laura Hojcska (2013), Nelli Illés (2012)

Other results:

Zselyke Tóth (2016) 8th place

Laura Krudinski (2013) 8th place

Sophie Varga (2012) Mace 4th

Borbeli Leela (2012) 4th place

Viktória Tóth (2012) 8th place

Császár Kinga (2012) ninth place

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