The PlayStation Plus Premium / Deluxe level is still seriously missing!

Fans of old games don’t care much, except for PlayStation 3 games that can be played from the cloud…

We recently wrote about the 20th anniversary of the Ratchet & Clank series, which Sony celebrated by including five more games in its PlayStation 3 release (since some were not originally made for it!) in the highest category of PlayStation Plus, Premium (Or Deluxe, if games can’t be played from the cloud, i.e. PlayStation Now wasn’t available before). But even PS3 updates are not large and frequent, but if you do not think about this platform, it will only get worse!

At the highest level of PlayStation Plus, PS1, PS2, and PSP games can be played locally. For PS2 games, Sony did almost nothing: they simply took the “PS2 Classics” titles released for the PlayStation 4 and pulled them here. Subscribers are justifiably critical of PS1 and PSP games too In the ResetEra . forum and the on reddit Both: Retro games get almost no attention, while the other day we wrote about how supporting games retroactively, according to veteran Nintendo developer Miyamoto Shigeru, has never been easier!

But there were leaks we wrote about, too. Dino Crisis, Soul Calibur: Broken Destiny, and Ridge Racer 2 were leaked by Sony itself, and Siphon Filter 3 appeared among South Korean reviews. So far, a total of zero games have appeared in PlayStation Plus Premium, and let’s not deny it: since the launch of the new PS Plus model, the Premium category has received the least amount of attention. It is very easy to emulate PS1 and PSP games (it will work fine on a phone today), the fact is that licensing is the biggest problem with them (Miyamoto also talked about this), Sony has a huge game library.

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When will subscribers get it, having put so much money on the table? It’s amazing how Sony painstakingly add vintage games to its service.

source: PSL

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