The platform of an Israeli synagogue collapsed, two of them died

The platform of an Israeli synagogue collapsed, two of them died

A platform collapsed at a synagogue in Givat Ze’ev near Jerusalem on Sunday. Two were killed, 166 were injured, many of them in critical condition, Mti writes, citing an 11-night public service television broadcast.

Men stood on scaffolding in the newly built Givat Ziv synagogue, which was not yet fully completed, for the Hasidians in Karlid. And the transfer of the wounded to Jerusalem hospitals. The synagogue was filled with communal prayers for the start of Safo, as hundreds of young people from the ultra-Orthodox community stood at the stage.

Fire Department spokesman Didi Samhi said on TV 11 that the building does not have an operating permit yet and should not have had any event held in it. The local government has been warned in advance of the danger.

Three days ago, the municipality approached the police, asking for their help to prevent mass prayers and close the synagogue. The police did not allow the building to be opened to worshipers, yet the prayer room did.

At the end of April, there was also a mass crash in the ultra-Orthodox community on the side of Mount Meron in northern Israel, in which 45 men were killed when a crowd of thousands marched down a passage between the tin panels and collapsed. The stairs, they couldn’t escape.

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