The planet may be bad, but people need it: scientists warn

Today, in certain circles, those who do not abstain from food of animal origin are stigmatized. The planet needs us to reduce our meat consumption, but some scientists deny this.

Meat is vital to human health, scientists say, as they campaign to end the fierce stigma surrounding vegetarian and vegan diets.

Nearly 1,000 academics from the world’s leading universities Occurred It is an initiative that claims that livestock farming is so important that it “falls victim to vegetarianism”. Meat is essential to a healthy lifestyle. the animal borders The research was published in a scientific journal, within which dozens of experts and in collaboration with prestigious animal science societies have studied claims that eating meat causes diseases or the like. harmful to the planet.

Is eating meat harmful or beneficial?Bogdan Kurilo / Getty Images Hungary

Isn’t eating meat an enemy?

According to scientists, those who live in poor conditions and Their consumption of meat is lowThey often suffer from nutritional deficiencies such as stunting, wasting, and anemia. According to researchers at Animal Frontiers, meat is responsible for providing vitamin B12, omega-3 fatty acids, iron or zinc, in addition to the intake of retinol. If we eat in a healthy way, the consumption of red meat does not cause diseases.

Of course, it would also be a disgrace to deny the harm that animal husbandry and farming currently do to the planet, and that it is full of growth stimulants and antibiotics. animal meat Its consumption can be really risky. Maybe something for an intermediate solution We should get instead of extremes.

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