The Plague's Tale: Requiem Mass coming next year

The Plague’s Tale: Requiem Mass coming next year

E3 2021

Continuing the successful Focus Home game will also join Game Pass on its release day.

06.13.2021. 20:10 | Zoo_Lee | Class: E3 2021

The A Plague Tale: Innocence It was one of the unexpected success games of 2019, which has always been full of expectations for its continuation.

The Xbox-Bethesda Game Show During the in-engine entertainment progress in addition to not only A Plague’s Tale: Requiem It was announced, but it was also revealed that once the game arrives in 2022, it will immediately join the Game Pass offering.

A Plague Tale: Requiem is designed for PC (Windows 10) and Xbox Series X/S. ■

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The Plague's Tale: Requiem Mass coming next yearThe Plague's Tale: Requiem Mass coming next year

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Creative3Form 06.14.2021. 11:29
STALKER 2 Here and there, I enjoyed it more than yesterday. I loved the first part, Tower High was the game of the year for me in 2019. If only this level was brought back, I would be very happy.

Dakar 9

Dakar 9 06.14.2021. 11:57
Now that the problem has been resolved, I hope that the little worm instead of the beans is finally completely amician. I wonder if the crossbow will completely replace the sling or is it just a super tool and limited ammo (can it be crafted with a max level talent?).


Peace 06.14.2021. 11:58
Certainly! The sequel is very much awaited!!! : the love:

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