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The place where you eat to the edge of the pizza: We entered the center kitchen – Sijed News

The place where you eat to the edge of the pizza: We entered the center kitchen - Sijed News

When it comes to gastronomy, one thing is for sure: Szeged365 just doesn’t have enough. Mainly from hampi pizza. We love getting behind the scenes, admiring how delicious snacks are made, and now we’ve received a special favor: We can sneak into the center’s kitchen. On top of that, we were able to ask Tamás Spigut, shop manager at the famous Tisza Lajos körút bar, about behind-the-scenes secrets.

Tamas revealed at the beginning of the conversation that exactly five and a half years ago, on April 1, the center opened its doors in the heart of downtown, which has recently become a popular meeting point for young and old. This is where you can create the perfect party night atmosphere. However, the center’s team went further, aiming to better spice up the living room, so they set up a kitchen and first showed their hungry guests artisanal burgers, then when they vacated the shop next door, they broke into it and threw themselves into making a pizza two weeks in advance.

The drink is accompanied by a thin wall

Nobody knows the feeling when you throw yourself up at night and then, like a wolf, you get very hungry. We had to see that we found the center very practical in this regard, as everything is presented:

  • Fun and party mood,
  • delicious drinks
  • And delicious snacks so you don’t have to leave the party just to stuff your stomach.

You are so amazed at the fusion that you can even eat the edge of pizza

Tamás Spigut, the store manager at the mall, emphasized that they always set high standards when it comes to quality, so they definitely deliver restaurant-level burgers and pizza. Tamas Al-Seer told us, “I’ve actually come abroad, worked in several catering units, and the specific goal wasn’t to serve up a real ‘Hungarian’ hamburger, but rather a little American English-style jaunt,” then added that in the pizza business, the menu rolled out They have their own names, so we came across great names for over 10 varieties on offer, in fact! These were made by two chefs who attended at Szeged’s biggest pizzeria, and now they’ve kneaded their knowledge. What did this end up with? It’s simple: There’s such an interesting combination that you’ll eat the edge of the pizza here. We also found out that if we don’t feel like leaving, we can still count on them, hamburgers and pizzas fly straight home, delivery in Sigd is a thousand.

Do you go to the kitchen? Now you can, we’ll take you straight through the video:

Would you like to visit the youth? You can find them here:

Szeged, Tisza Lajos krt. 61. Phone: 0662 / 333-839

Photography: Andor Maguar

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