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The place is small, the game is big – Puskas Academy won with attractive football

The place is small, the game is big – Puskas Academy won with attractive football

The Puskas Academy started the match more energetically, but the first minutes did not witness any major events. In the fourth minute, Komaromi passed the ball beautifully on the wing to Zsolt Nagy, who received it well and passed it to Belcek, but the visitors’ defense was able to intercept it. Felscúts tried to press down the right side, and tried to pass several times, but MTK's defenders were too confident inside their penalty area.

In the ninth minute, Patek started from his own half, bending to the center, shot by Kadar, but unfortunately for the opponent, the defender managed to try again, but his shot missed the goal. However, it did not take long for the Puskás Academy's groundbreaking result to arrive. In the 12th minute, Maceras sent a cross, but Demjen Patrick was able to block the subsequent shot. Komaromi then completed the corner from the right side. 1-0.

After taking the lead, the Puskas Academy took control of the entire match. The hosts' match was characterized by wonderful, accurate passes and beautiful attacking formations. MTK tried to regain their rhythm but Felcsúti's defense worked almost perfectly and Ármin Pécsi had nothing to do. In the 22nd minute, Corbo ran towards the goal, but in one of the last moments, Kadar was able to clear it. After the corner kick, Stronati nodded, but straight into Demjen's hand.

In the 25th minute, Komaromi, who was playing very good football, received a pass again in the 25th minute. 2-0. In the 30th minute, Armin Pesci had the ball for the first time without receiving it from one of his teammates: Kovacs shot, but very weak. In the 33rd minute, the video referee had to investigate: Zsolt Nagy was brought down by Patrick Demjen, but in the end it was decided that the home team's footballer was lurking, so a free kick was awarded.

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The trick joke came in extra time of the first half: Komaromi started in an offside position, ran down the right wing, bending to the centre, and Belsic headed the ball over, which the oncoming Favorov headed into the goal, and that was the goal. The end of the first half. 3-0.

After the turnaround, MTK began to show signs of life, and the visiting team managed to develop smaller and larger positions, but control of the match was still in the hands of the Puskas Academy. In the 53rd minute, Komaromi took a corner kick for Corbo, and Zsolt Nagy ran past him, but the midfielder did not pass, so he shot, saving Demjen.

In the 54th minute, Belsic played again on Zsolt Nagy on the left wing, who passed the ball to Komaromi coming from a distance, and the footballer who distributed two assists easily passed his weaker man to the far bottom. corner. 4-0. Then suddenly, in the 65th minute, MTK scored a beautiful goal from the first big chance: Kovac dribbled past Molnar, who shot at the far post. 4-1.

The pace of the match declined slightly, but in the 80th minute, after a triple substitution, the newly arrived Soysalo searched for Kohli's head inside the penalty area, and the striker headed the ball back, and Stronati scored from close range. 5-1. Tempers mounted, and Végh received an immediate red card after a completely unnecessary move a minute later, sliding into Markgráf. The events raged and Kole saw Soysalo jump and score between the goalkeeper's legs, but the goal was disallowed due to offside. The Finns seemed unlucky, as they also scored in the first minute of extra time, but this was also disallowed, however, VAR reviewed the situation and awarded the goal, 6-1.

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There was no doubt as to which team played better, as Giorgi Komaromi's Puskás Akadémia cruised to a confident 6-1 victory in Round 21 of the NB I Football Championship. The young striker certainly caught the attention of Marco Rossi, who watched the encounter straight away.

The Felscúti players will visit the DVSC home next, on February 24 at 5:30 p.m., and will play at Nagyerdei Stadium.

Puskas Academy – MTK 6-1 (3-0)

Felcsút, Pancho Arena, 1,231 spectators, Director: Bognár T.

Puskas Academy: Pécs – Maceras, Jola, Stronati, Ormond-Auteuil (Markgraf, 79) – Patek (Cole, 79), Favorov – Komaromi (Soysalo, 79), Corbo (Vicone, 64), Nagy (Slajver, 58.) – Please. Coach: Zsolt Horniak

Anther: Demjen – Koutsis, Kadar, Haig – Antonov (Vadnay, 83), Bognar I (Stiber, 62), Kata, Thiam (Veg, on the break), Kovacs – Jurina (Molnar, 62), Nemeth (Enin, on the break). Head coach: David Horvath

Goal: Nagy (12), Corbo (25), Favorov (45 + 1), Komaromi (54), Stronati (80), Soysalo (90 + 1) or Molnar (64.)

yellow card: Stronati (20), Nagy (42), Maceras (78), or O (85.)

Shown: Fig (82.)

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