The picture of Nóri Devil's new swimsuit was so cute

The picture of Nóri Devil’s new swimsuit was so cute

The TV2 star also got a nice makeup, hence the pictures can be taken, although it can still be difficult to take amazing pictures of her.

Meanwhile, Nura Erdogan already has more than 316,000 followers, and this is just her Instagram page. These are impressive numbers that will clearly compete in the top field along with other superstars.

She shares a lot of interesting content about herself and her family, although from time to time she gets criticized for including her children in this content as well. However, Nouri doesn’t despair, and focus on her own life instead of arguing with others.

He didn’t have time for that either, because he has a lot of work to do, and he’s currently filming a new season for Asia Express with TV2 in Asia. They travel to more and more special places with crew and stars vying for the grand prize.

Percy Mazesi spoke after the funeral

We certainly won’t be disappointed as the classes have been very exciting so far. The latter was our favourite, which Gréta Horváth and Dávid Meggyes, who have since split, won with great confidence and totally deserved it.

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