The picture is a Logitech and Tencent Android portable cloud console

The picture is a Logitech and Tencent Android portable cloud console

We recently learned that Chinese gaming giant Tencent and the gaming division of peripheral maker Logitech have teamed up to create a cloud-based portable console. There is a lot of secrecy regarding the characteristics of the device but the appearance of the notorious leaker, Evan BlassThanks, we can all get to know each other now.

The photos you see here are most likely original, because after posting it inside, he quickly had to remove them all from his social media due to copyright infringement. In any case, do not forget about the Internet, so all photos can remain in the public domain. The cloud-based portable console design is quite similar to the particular device that was recently patented by Tencent, but that’s not surprising, the design of a gaming-focused mobile device can’t be endlessly varied.

If the skins aren’t interesting, at least one interesting piece of information has emerged from the leaked images: the portable console runs on Android and will also have the Google Play Store, which means we won’t get a desktop system like Steam Deck for example. Of course, Linux and Windows run on it too, it’s almost like a small Valve PC. The joint development of Logitech and Tencent will run all the games developed for Android, and it is likely that emulators will not give a lesson either, but that will not be their end goal, but streaming.

Mobile console developers have previously revealed that they are negotiating with owners of Xbox Cloud Gaming and Nvidia GeForce Now services to best integrate it into the console system. It will not be difficult for them, because both of the two game streaming services have developed apps for Android. By the way, you can clearly see the Steam icon in the image above, which means that Valve is also among the partners, which means that Steam Link will also work fine on the small device, with which we can mirror the games that run on our own PC.

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The development of consoles is probably a task for Logitech, and in addition to good consoles, of course, connectivity is also an important aspect of a device of this type. It is clear from the images that the Tencent device will be compatible with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, and while it cannot be said beforehand that there will be no 5G connectivity in the reference, the promotional images suggest that it will come very handy with the device as a smartphone hotspot.

For the moment it is not worth drawing far-reaching conclusions based on some images, in any case, we are waiting with increasing excitement for the unveiling of the device. If it has a good screen and good hardware, it can be an excellent Android portable console, especially if the old hardware emulation works well on it, and cloud gaming will be very little, right? It is not yet known when this specific reveal will happen, and no one has spoken about expected pricing yet, but we hope to learn more about the joint development of Logitech and Tencent as soon as possible.

source: GSMArena

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