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The person who caused Nintendo to cancel many events has admitted his guilt!

The person who caused Nintendo to cancel many events has admitted his guilt!

The 27-year-old threatened Big N by saying he would “kill everyone over s_r games,” and two things come to mind about this: Either the person has a lot of free time, or he's not entirely sane.

Kazama Kenshin is the one who caused massive damage to Nintendo. He confessed to his crimes in court, Kansai TV News reported. According to Kazma, he sent the 39 threatening messages because he was nervous about the match. After constantly losing, he was extremely frustrated. The game in question was supposed to be the Nintendo Switch exclusive Splatoon 3, since it was a first-party game developed by Big N.

Kazama was arrested last April, after he sent threatening messages through the Japanese company's official website between August 22 and November 29 of last year. He wrote things like, “I will make you regret bringing such a game into the world” and threatened “everyone involved.” [a játék fejlesztésében]”It will kill you,” and also “Be careful at events where there are spectators.”

Splatoon 3 can be inferred because some of the threats were related to the Splatoon Koshien 2023 National Finals, a TPS game that can be considered a competitive title (Splatoon Koshien is also basically an eSports tournament) and can really bring out the monster in people, if you miss your shot. (The other is Mario Party, but it's not an eSports title, it destroys friendships…) The national finals of Splatoon Koshien 2023 and Nintendo Live 2024, which were supposed to take place in Tokyo last December and January of this year. , were cancelled, and according to the prosecutor, Kazama's threats were approx. They caused damage worth 700 million yen (i.e. 1.6 billion converted into Hungarian forints…). According to the prosecutor, the consequences are severe, and there are no mitigating circumstances for his childish motives.

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The prosecutor's office has recommended a one-year prison sentence, but we will have to wait until July 24 for a verdict.

source: VGC, Kansai TV News

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