The perfect little cardigan can brighten up even the most boring ensemble: this is how you can diversify your favorite seasonal styles

The perfect blazer means something different to every woman, and luckily, it can be worn in many different ways. This year, the collection is extra-wide, long and short, slimmed and loose-fitting all lined up among the on-trend pieces.


The jacket has now become an essential accessory for women’s wardrobes, one of them It can be diversified in the most diverse ways A piece that does not depend on age, style and even the season. In the spring, they still emerge from the thick skin, Made of tweed and boucle Tailored styles, however, as summer approaches More swing creations take over.

It is hard to say which direction to go Women’s jacket will not fitThis, let’s say, is mainly due to the popularity of the style mix. It is not at all surprising that the attributes of masculine and feminine fashion or elegant and sporty blend with each other within the outfit, in fact, bohemian romantic elements can go together with sexy details, and the jacket itself can also be used to break the style.

In this case, the assembly moves on a single thread, eg on the thread of elegance, which moves in a different direction with well-placed details. Harmony can still be maintained, just a little touch makes it exciting.

You can wear the cardigan in such a variety of ways: this season’s trendiest styles deserve to be treasured

The golden piece of the capsule wardrobe is the jacket, which can be worn in many different ways. with the dress with skirt-Can be worn with pants with any basic piece, shirt, blouse, jacket, It can be easily folded with a turtleneckand also gives you freedom of action in the shoe business, being as good a friend to flat-soled shoes as it is to trainers, romantic ballet flats, and stiletto pumps.

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these are neutral, Classic blazer, who does not tolerate current fashion trends, can boldly jump between different styles. But my current favorite is sleek, cropped jackets as well Oversized patterns can also be used in a versatilityYou can see some cool inspirations in our gallery!

Featured Images: Edouard Berthelot/Getty Images.

Photo Gallery: Edouard Berthelot/Getty Images.

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