The pandemic has caused chaos and canceled flights at UK airports

In Britain, Covid-19 has been kept from the headlines, but the disease is incurable.

That at least explains why easyJet, one of the country’s largest budget airlines, suddenly canceled an unprecedented number of flights over the weekend. According to one British newspaper, 220 flights, according to another, “more than a hundred” flights did not take off or did not leave. There are reports that EasyJet will not take off in 62 cases on Monday.

The British Daily Mail pointed out that

Some parts of Britain have the highest rates of Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic.

The airline, which employs workers from various European countries, said the airport chaos was “caused by high levels of COVID-19 infection across Europe” and that “the airline’s employees are sicker than usual”.

They also added that they tried over the weekend to hire additional reserve staff to make up for the staff shortage, but eventually had to cancel the extra flights.

British passengers have reported that they have been arrested overseas and that the company is unable to offer an alternative way to return home. A man returning from France talked about his piecework and not being able to lose money because he couldn’t get a job on Monday. Plus, her 85-year-old mother has dementia with her, and she doesn’t miss the stress.

The company announced 10 hours before departure that it would not be boarding the plane.

Meanwhile, there were long queues at London’s Heathrow Airport on Sunday morning. EasyJet does not fly from here, and the airport’s explanation was that other countries have stricter entry rules for Covid and that “passenger traffic is high”. On the other hand, there have been complaints that there are not enough staff here and that the automated gates to read biometric passports do not function properly upon entry.

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The situation at Manchester Airport was similar a few weeks ago:

Long winding lines, fewer workers and more waiting for baggage than usual.

The airport spokesperson responded using the specific British conditional approach: Passengers were told that “security checks may take longer than usual”. On the other hand, I apologize for leaving out the form of “any inconvenience” also used in English and apologize for any particular inconvenience.

Manchester Airport has also admitted that they are trying to “recover” from the pandemic, which is hitting the entire aviation sector, causing problems with staff numbers and finding new workers. Over the weekend, news emerged of British airports wanting to hire thousands of workers.

By the end of March, the number of daily Covid footage in Britain had reached the level at the end of November last year, and many employees had disappeared from City of London offices.

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