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The Orosháza Wind Orchestra can perform again

The Orosháza Wind Orchestra can perform again

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid, the public can finally hear the wind music again on Saturday at the Lutheran Church in Urushaza. When the weather is fine, musicians will also blast a bang from the tower. This is one of the band’s favorite shows, as they play pieces in front of a local audience, most of which cannot be heard in field music.

It’s also a challenge: there are only a few months left for the musicians to learn the challenging artwork. Conductor Mark Debrecen also said that the church’s concert program is determined primarily by the spirituality of the venue and the message of the celebration.

While the summer genre is an entertainment genre, larger works of classical music appear in the foreground at the church party. I am still trying to choose so that the audience can enjoy hearing many popular tunes at the concert

– said the professional squad leader who also revealed the details.

John Williams and Ennio Morricone are unavoidable characters on the soundtrack, with both authors playing an excellent ensemble. Zoltán Kodály, as one of the greatest figures in Hungarian and international music, has been truly consistent. The Recruit’s tune is also sung from one of his most famous works, Janus Hari’s opera. Anyone whose title says nothing while hearing the melody is already singing to themselves.

And of course the brass band will play the role of the beginners: – We have renewed the work performed by our band, the young Egyptian star Johann Strauss. We will also perform two wind instruments that are constantly present in the musical group, Concerto de Amore by Dutch composer Jacob de Haan and Highland Chatedral by Michael Korb and Ulrich Rover. Weather permitting, musicians will also blast a bang from the steeple from 5:30 p.m.

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