The operetta is used to promote Hungary abroad

The operetta is used to promote Hungary abroad

The show, produced with performers from the operetta theater, will appear several times on outdoor television over the next three years.

The Operettissima production taping, set in Budapest in the fall of 2020, premiered two weeks ago on PBS, has been watched by up to 64 million people per month in prime times, and will run on more than 300 channels in 43 countries by 2024.

a Greetings to Budapest and Vienna Most popular nickname Ferenc Lehar-, Emre Kalman-, And Johann StraussAs part of the one-hour presentation work, viewers can also meet with a short film about Hungary and Hungarians, and the organizers are planning a live tour of the United States and Canada in the fall of 2022.

Stephen Nagy The Minister of Agriculture, Chairman of the Hungarikum Committee emphasized:

The series of events widely promoted the Hungarian operetta. The exhibition will also present other Hungaricums at the venues of the Autumn Tour in 2022. By promoting the built environment, innovation, folk traditions and gastronomy, it gives insight into the values ​​of our country, thus conquering millions to become interested or visit Hungary as tourists. He added that they are the most skilled custodians of the national characteristics of music, dance, lifestyle and handicraft culture, which helps us position ourselves among the countries of the world with our values ​​in mind and represent our values, traditions, customs, moods, tastes.

– It turns out that the government at the end of July from her contacts.

About receiving the program for those wishing to enhance the tourist attractions of Hungary Index books – It turned out that at the end of the previous year and on Valentine’s Day, the webcast had produced hundreds of thousands of viewers, so PBS stopped it.

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The article was published on the Goldstar website, Born from viewership ratings at the end of 2020 Reviewed, highlighting two of them:

Great performance, lavish fidelity stream, concise, fun and hilarious interviews with various performers with amazing voices. Fantastic collection, can’t wait to see it live

One wrote, and another thought the exact opposite:

The whole performance was mixed. One singer is great, while the others are fiercely humble. The dancing was fun but it wasn’t great. The fashion is striking. Can I check it again? No.

Many viewers complained about the lack of English subtitles in similar cases, since the Hungarian and German texts were not clearly understood, but most opinions were positive.

Co-producer of Operettissima, comedian NASA Oliver You might be happy about this, because the index couldn’t speak, but quoted a previous sentence

He realized years ago that the concept of operetta had to change, so he supports the genre with tremendous determination.

The index was also present at the press conference held in Vigadó at the end of July, where the owner of Operettissima, producer Daniel Vadasz advertiser:

Their goal is to make the musical and theatrical experience present in the lives of as many people as possible, and to ensure that concerts and musical theatrical performances reach the widest possible audience, regardless of age or place of residence. According to the Operettissima crew, it is important for the products to be high-quality works that keep viewers as regular cultural consumers, and entertain, while educating them at the same time.

The question, of course, is whether the light-toned operetta that is slowly celebrating its 160th birthday is the best way to do it.

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