The open beta of Resident Evil Re: Verse will launch tomorrow

The open beta of Resident Evil Re: Verse will launch tomorrow


This will be the third test, but not the last.

04/20/2021 16:32 | Jerig | Category: Game

a Capcom Not only is it busy with the upcoming Resident Evil Village premiere and new trailer, but work is also underway on a new multiplayer branch of the franchise. This will be it Resident Evil Recreation: verse, Which the developers claim will be kind of a tribute to the franchise from twenty-five years ago.

It will still be difficult to predict whether he will be able to reach the very high level of his predecessors, however, now it will be an opportunity for all fans to get a little closer to the answer. The third beta version of the game will start tomorrow, which will be available to everyone without restrictions.

The test will start tomorrow (April 21) at 8:00 AM and will be available exactly one day, which means it will continue until 8:00 AM the following day (April 22). During this time everyone can try it for free.

In Resident Evil Re: Verse, players can participate in Six-Man Death Battles, and the franchise is on the verge of. They can hide in the skin of all its main players. This also applies to monsters, because if someone dies, they have a chance to transform into a type of mutant creature to hunt new players for new players.

Resident Evil Re: Verse will be released on May 7 alongside Resident Evil Village, who buys it and gets it as well. ■

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