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The Olympics start in 33 days, but there is still a lot of sewage in the Seine

The Olympics start in 33 days, but there is still a lot of sewage in the Seine

June 21, 2024 – 10:25 pm

Marc Guillaume, president of the Ile-de-France region, which includes Paris, said on Friday that due to the weather in recent weeks, and despite the efforts of authorities, the water quality of the Seine River in Paris does not meet requirements. . The quality of the water of the river that passes through the French capital is of concern to everyone because the Olympic Games will be held in Paris in 33 days, and according to original plans, certain competitions will be held in the Seine River.

The first time athletes will have to swim in the river will be 39 days later, on July 30, when the triathlon begins.

Organizers have claimed that they will be able to make the Seine swimmable by the time of the Olympics, but that is no easy feat for a river that runs through an ancient and densely populated city like Paris. the the world According to measurements throughout the month of June, the concentration of E. coli bacteria in the stool still exceeds healthy limits. The reason for this, of course, is the continued flow of sewage into the river.

Since 2016, the French state has spent €1.4 billion, more than 554 billion Hungarian forints at today's exchange rate, to clean up Cigna. According to the authorities, success is still not impossible if the weather becomes suitable, i.e. rain stops for a longer period of time, and the proportion of pollutants in the water of the Seine can still be reduced below the limit values. For now, even the mayor of socialist Paris is confident of success, and Anne Hidalgo has previously promised that she will personally swim in the Seine to prove the effectiveness of water purification. On June 19, he said he was expected to swim in the river during the week of July 15. According to plans, President Macron will also join the mayor, and a mass rally on the Seine River in Paris was announced following news of Macron and Hidalgo's swim.

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