The Olympic program thoroughly tests the Hungarian fans

It wasn’t Hungarian fans who wanted to enjoy the match arrangement at the July Olympics in Tokyo – we can briefly sum up what awaits fans who want to watch the group matches of Mark Tames and Attila’s team.

For those who want to adjust their daily routine according to the Tokyo Olympics schedule postponed to less than 100 days in the last year between July 23 and August 8, 2021, a detailed program divided into minutes and minutes can be run.

Since Hungarian teams are always more joyfully and passionate about individual sports, it is worth taking a look, for example, when a person who wants to play team matches for men and women should sound the alarm.

Members of the men’s water polo team are not sure they will be happy with the matches in Delilat.Source: Koncz Mrton – Origo

Among our teams, men can jump into the water, on July 25, according to Hungarian time – at dawn, at their mark – they will play Georgia at 4.20 (in Japan more heat will appear at that time, that is, it will be 11.20 in Tokyo). We do not regret the competition between others, and somewhere it can be seen that the host’s match against the United States will start at exactly 14 o’clock local time for both countries, On the other hand, it is unlikely that a Croatian and Kazakh match will be included in the evening program instead of the Hungary-Kazakhstan match.

Attila Br starts off on July 26, Hungarian time, starting at 8.30 against the Russian team, we can’t say that, just like the Frfians’ upcoming game against Japan, where you will return home at Fmsorid on 11.20 on July 27. N.

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On July 28, people will be playing the USA at seven o’clock, so the player will have to wake up at 3 o’clock the day after they are shot against South Africa.

Dorotia Zelji and her water polo player have improved a littlePhoto: Konks Merton – Orego

On the 30th of the month, the girls also received a match against Japan (starting at 11.20), while the men started on the 31st at 7am against the USA. Another day we can also see Keszthely Rare vs the Knaites of 7, However, on August 2, the rank of Hungary-Italy will begin again at 3 o’clock. In the evening program, the derby like Japan and South Africa and the clashes of Australia and Kazakhstan were of great significance.

The quarter starts at 14 o’clock local time and 7 o’clock Hungarian time, just as presidents and dntk used to be held in the evening, that is, in the morning, in the morning.

Collective brands of Hungarian teams:
July 26: Hungary and Russia 8.30
July 28: Hungary and the United States 7.00
July 30: Hungary-Japan 11.20
August 1: Hungary – We were 7.00

July 25: Hungary – Grgorszg 4.30
July 27: Hungary-Japan 11.20
July 29: Hungary 3.00 South Africa
July 31: Hungary v US 7.00
August 2: Hungary-Italy 3.00

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