The Olympic issue must end, this team must win

One of the most unfortunate teams in Nyeri Olympic history is the Hungarian women’s water polo team, which also fell behind in the last Olympic chrome games, because it finished fourth all-time. The case for Toki should be over and this Hungarian team has a chance to get a great deal.

“I was wondering if I would bring Krisztin Szremk to the center. We knew the Dutch wouldn’t let Tt Nomit and Stieber Mercdest take over, so the center would play a bigger role. I didn’t regret the decision, Krisztina played great, and the two talked fiercely. Once again, the team defended very well, played disciplined and smart. This is the day of the training session.”

These sentences were written by Dr. said Gyula Thes, who captained the Hungarian women’s water polo team until the time of the World Cup. In 1994 the World Cup was Ramban. The would-be Hungarian team defeated the Dutch remarkably 7-5 in the final, leading Radsol to the finish. The Netherlands is the mother of the sports profession, and its rule has long ruled it. Three basins of the Gyula flooded the land of the German region.

Hestel Kestelecki lost the 2016 Olympic Games in RaybanFurres: Sputnik via AFP/Alexey Filippov

It is no coincidence that the Netherlands was so successful in the widespread use of water polo in the early stages that there is a strong history of the profession. Mr. In the 1920s, official water polo matches were held in the Netherlands and the United States. Sports sports entered Australia in the 1960s, and in the 1970s it was present in New Zealand, Canada, Sweden, Finland, Belgium and FRG.

The first water polo team, Vasas ktelkn bell, was founded in 1982 in Hungary. This sport is officially practiced by women. His son remembers the basic story: “He was always an athlete, he was the captain of the bvrszk team, worked in individual and organized water polo groups in Vasas. Desanym had to put him on the water because of his children. After attending training at Csszr in 1982, it was very difficult to get something started. When they were 15-20 years old, he helped me go down to help him.”

The “little boy” who came down to help the girl Anders Merch Hvc.

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Soon, Anders Mersz Mers business was up and running. In 1984, it was also possible to recruit more people. Hungary then entered its first European Championship in 1985. At first it ran to silver. He won six of spades in the eight-team tournament, winning 89 glt and only 24. Then he was defeated in the last race by the Dutch who were undefeated in the early days. The second and third European championships were in the same order, i.e. Holland with a gold medal and Hungary with a thousand.

Fed captain Anders Merz, who finished fourth with the team at the 2012 OlympicsFurres: Agence France-Presse / Khaled Desouky

In 1986, the first World Cup was held, with Australia winning and Hungary taking second place. At the 1991 World Cup, he was fourth. At that time, the two European countries, Australia, Canada and the United States, represented a special category in this sport, and Italy began to grow significantly. The 1991 World Cup was held in Perth in January, Nir’s time there, and the European Championship in August in Europe (exactly GRG). The team was very upset about the continental championship, and Gyula Ththes took over the first European CM! On the fourth attempt, Holland was finally defeated. The Hungarians won the dntt 11-8 against rivlis, which was considered invincible. Since then, I have never had to fear rk mummy.

Not so much that Hungary became world champion in 1994! The Netherlands beat our team 10-8 in the group standings, but depending on the circumstances, these two teams moved from here. There, the Netherlands defeated the United States, and Hungary defeated Italy, giving us the opportunity for revenge. And dnt was into sportsmanship, but he was.

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At the gate, Ildik Ss won the 2004 Hungarian-Italian Olympic GamesForce: Agence France-Presse / Pierre-Philippe Marco

Dr. Gyula Th has run the sport for nearly 10 years, and one of the greatest figures in the field of water sports, Dr. Quartet Carve Tams off the bench. He also won the World Cup and the World Cup with him. What can be said is natural, because “sculpture is a winner, and the saying goes well: gold is not enough for anything. Rgtn became the world’s first European champion. It is a major consideration in the history of the profession, because that is when lions became truly popular. This Continental Tower won in Budapest in 2001. Anyone who was able to get out on the scene any day, I think, would have agreed to discover the sport on Margaret Island. The atmosphere was great at this event in the most beautiful environment in the world, and since the boys were unfortunately only in third place, the winners got all the recognition in their pockets. At that time ni vzilabda became the oldest in Hungary. After his success in becoming a classic player, he also won the world championship in 2005 with the girls. Mghozz in Montrel, where he became an Olympic champion in 1976. Faraj Teach won against the United States 10-7 in DNT ot. The Netherlands finished only tenth in the World Cup finals.

Conditions have not changed much since then, but with the strength of some countries, the old rulers have to face many challenges. Unfortunately, in 2005 Hungary appeared only once in the world. He won the European Championship in 2016, as is the captain of the day led by Attila Barr. The list of Hungarian women’s water polo successes currently: two gold medals at the World Championships, one silver and one bronze, European Championship: gold chrome, one thousand and six bronze. Linings!

However, there is a constant bug in the world line, there is no flaw in Olympic mg however, this will be the sixth tkariks series in the field. When he presented himself to the Games in Sydney in 2000, for example, Hungary could not qualify for the six major fields, but he was a constant participant. And bad luck happens all the time. After sixth in Athens, he finished fourth in Beijing, London and Rayban, falling off the podium after extra time and two penalties.

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Hestel Kestelecki lost the 2016 Olympic Games in RaybanFurres: Sputnik via AFP/Alexey Filippov

There are plenty of opportunities for this in Tokyo, and due to the strange behavior, only one of the two tfs groups falls. The rest goes to the quarter, where the fight continues in a straight system. For the sequel, it will be important to get one of the first places. On the plus side, the constellations are likely to coincide with the US, something that is sure to be avoided this quarter. Maybe the group is second with the Russians and then the team clicks, and we really need this position, because whoever gets it can only meet the Americans again in dnt. There, Mr. Burmi can turn around.

Attila, current chief of staffPhoto: Sizel Mudra – Orego

Countries have won Olympic gold medals so far in this order: Australia, Italy, Netherlands, United States, United States. Among the true sports greats, there is only one name on the list. Let’s hope it’s only until the evening of August 7th.

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