The oldest and most comprehensive mummy discovered to date has been discovered in Egypt

January 26, 2023 – 10:43 PM

Archaeologists managed to find the oldest and most comprehensive mummy of ancient Egypt in a royal necropolis near Cairo. writes the Guardian referring to the archaeologist leading the research.

The 4,300-year-old mummy was found at the bottom of a 15-meter column in a recently excavated group of tombs from the Fifth and Sixth Dynasties, next to the Step Pyramid of Saqqara, said Zahi Hawass, head of the research team. correspondents.

The mummy was of a man called Hekasheps and was discovered in a limestone coffin sealed with mortar. Other recently excavated graves also contained mummies, for example the preserved remains of a man called Khnumjdzhedev. He is the last pharaoh of the Fifth Dynasty and, under Unas, performed important court duties, such as supervising the clergy and nobles. The walls of the burial chamber are decorated with scenes borrowed from daily life.

Another tomb belonged to a person named Miri, who was the “keeper of secrets and assistant to the great chief of the palace” during his lifetime. According to a statement issued by the archaeologists, they found many sculptures among the graves, among which were servants and works depicting a man and his wife.

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