V8-as vadállat lett az öreg Škodából

The old Skoda has become a V8 beast

Although this technique originated from the Czech Republic, the idea was invented by an English fan. One of Alec Vallance’s favorite places is the Czech Republic, where he visited several times, and the idea of ​​a V8 hot-rod Škoda hit his head here, of course, with Czech beer, in one of the bars.

“A few years later I got the Tatra eight-cylinder engine. Alec A . said street machine The journalist about the Skoda Special 1000 MB and Tatra 603 Hybrid. Construction began at a time when these cars and parts were littered all over the countryside. While the wreck was at the end of the gardens, no one was interested, but Alec saw a fantasy in it. Each of the Skoda 1000 MB and The engine was in poor condition. He got the latter strapped to a working five-cylinder pallet, but fortunately later the situation changed.

The old Škoda became a monster V8 2

According to the principles of hot rod construction, a 1000 MB floor plate, which was originally produced with a self-supporting body (very modern at that time), was cut out, and a specially made chassis was placed under the car, which was equipped with an eight-cylinder engine of a completely different size from the first factory.

The old Skoda 3 has become a V8 monster

The engine was completely rebuilt, and the original Jikov carburetor was replaced with an American Holly part. Although it runs perfectly, the base 2.5-liter, air-cooled V8 is quite conservative, producing just 100 horsepower. In contrast, the look and sound effect are unparalleled.

Old Skoda 4 has become a V8 beast

The car itself is a huge puzzle, it has Ford Mondeo and Hyundai parts, Iveco Deli 4 front brakes, Volkswagen LT discs, Skoda Superb rear brake system, Renault steering, and more, there are also some Volkswagens Volkswagen Golf to be found somewhere. The front seats are from a Jaguar XJ-S. Due to the heavy mass, many components had to be moved to the rear for better weight distribution, and a full nose-mounted kit improves drivability.

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Chaotic though the solutions work, in 2018, the machine moved from England to Prague and back on foot, although it wasn’t a serious 100hp race, but for the appreciative looks I got, every hour The work of the five year construction was worth it.

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