The Old Republic - The festive MMORPG interstellar DLC is slipping, and we can't play it again this year

The Old Republic – The festive MMORPG interstellar DLC is slipping, and we can’t play it again this year

In November, we reported on the festive downloadable content BioWare was making to celebrate 10 years of Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Legacy of the Sith was supposed to appear on December 14, 2021, but the new date was dropped to February 15, 2022, which means a two-month delay in the extension that promises a new combat system.

BioWare’s creators made the decision that based on their experience on test servers, the team would need more time to solder the DLC.

“In Legacy of the Sith the team has been working hard for a while, but as we get closer to release it becomes clear that we need more time. We will focus on continuing to test areas of the game that we changed during development. This is necessary to deliver the experience we want And that the players deserve.” Stood Keith Kanneg, Project Director of Legacy of the Sith in her statement. Kanneg added that the feedback he received while testing players was invaluable in driving the development of the extension.

Legacy of the Sith is the eighth major game expansion in The Old Republic and aims to honor the game’s 10th anniversary with a new story, gameplay, and revamped combat system. Excluding story-based content, these innovations will return to test servers later this week.

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