The official national competition season has begun — in pictures

VIII. The official competition season kicked off with the first and second semi-finals of the Method Feeder National Championships. The battles took place in two places on 7 and 8 April: at the Látóképi Reservoir and at the gravel mine Lake Dunakeszi.

Too few fish, unpleasant weather, and determined competitors. Books Perhaps this is how the first competition day can be described in his report Hungarian National Hunting Association (Mohos).

The winter that came after Easter took its toll. At both sites, there was a desperate struggle against fish and sometimes the elements. The race started in sight of 10 cm of snow, and in the pouring rain of Dunakeszin. While bream was caught at the previous site, carp, crucian carp and some small bream were caught whose positions were saved in the sector.

Results of the first round of the Feeder OB method:

visual reservoir

Lake Dunakeszi gravel mine

The wintry weather continued on the second day of the OB, and the only thing that changed was that instead of snow, the contestants were tested by torrential rain.

After the first round, there was only one contestant who did not appear in the draw. 99.9 percent of the field fought faithfully throughout the second round, even if the conditions were really tough, and so the fish were caught.

It was especially difficult in Látókép, where you had to catch bream. Although there were more fish in Dunakeszin, it was far less than many expected.

Despite all this, 2-3 points were needed for the podium in both positions, which cannot be called accidental luck

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“Someone can get poppies not once, but twice in a row on such a large field, barely. If that’s the case, you need to file a lottery ticket quickly,” Mohos concluded his report.

The end result at Látóképi Reservoir:

First place Attila Krisztián Csontos 8050 grams, 3 points

Second place: Chapa Christian Toth, 6100 grams, 3 points

Third place: Lagos Sarvari, 4025 grams, 3 points

Detailed results here.

The end result at Lake Dunakeszi Gravel Mine:

First place, Tamás Cserepes, 24,770 grams, 2 points

Second place, Dennis Arnold, 13,725 grams, 3 points

Third place, Laszlo Boros, 10,400 grams, 3 points

Detailed results here.

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(Opening photo: Mohos)

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