The number of UFO sightings has increased in America

In its annual report, the Pentagon reported a total of 510 unknown weather phenomena. According to the US Department of Defense, the number of sightings has increased significantly since the previous report, according to MTI.

According to the report, in addition to the 144 disclosure cases included in the previous report published in June 2021, 247 new communications were received, and 119 previously occurring cases were also reported that were not included in the previous total.

Commonly called UFOs, but recently renamed Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomena (UAP), cases have been reported mainly by military pilots. The phenomena still typically appear in limited air spaces, but the report does not exclude that the recurrence of these phenomena is due to the special attention paid to these areas.

The report explains the dramatic increase in sightings in part by the fact that unidentified phenomena are now treated as potential aviation security risks or potentially hostile activity, and in part by the fact that reporting UAP sightings carries less stigma than before.

According to the Pentagon, more than half of the 366 newly recorded cases were “non-significant”: 26 involved drones, 163 involved balloons, and 6 reports involved hoax factors such as flocks of birds, weather phenomena, or even plastic picking. . Above the wind is a bag. Thus, a total of 171 reports remain unexplained. Last year, the Department of Defense created a separate UFO Sightings Investigation Office, which specializes in analyzing incoming UFO reports.

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