The number of state-funded places students get at any university has been revealed

This year, there will be no centralized initial score limits for the 40 popular majors, as so far only applicants with relatively high scores can secure a place on a state scholarship.

However, there is frame numbers: applicants can see the difference training areas How many places does the state support in total?

the Edolin Collected where and how much audience Scholarship holder This year announced places in the field of admission in the field of humanities training:

  • Gyula Andrassy University of German Budapest: 15;
  • Abu Filmos Catholic College: 60;
  • Budapest University of Economics: 110;
  • Budapest University of Technology and Economics: 65;
  • Debrecen University: 415;
  • Karoly Ezterhazy Catholic University: 213;
  • Eötvös Loránd University: 2840;
  • Janos Kudolani University: 20;
  • Karoly Gaspar Reformed University: 855;
  • Hungarian University of Agriculture and Life Sciences: 120;
  • Miskolc University: 120;
  • Budapest Metropolitan University: 60;
  • Milton Friedman University: 70;
  • Nyiregyhaza University: 100;
  • Pannonia University: 183;
  • Pazmani Peter Catholic University: 832;
  • Pecs University: 391;
  • Sopron University: 65;
  • István Szechenyi University: 90;
  • Szeged University: 725;
  • Tokaj Higalca University: 16;
  • Pastoral Training College Janus Wesley: 20.

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