The number of illegal immigrants at America’s southern border has decreased

Speaking to reporters on the phone, Blas Núñez-Neto said that according to official data, 70 percent fewer illegal border crossers have been arrested in the week since the end of Title 42, which allows for expedited deportation.

The official also reported it Last week, 11,000 people were deported and transferred to more than 30 countries. Among them were more than a thousand Cuban, Venezuelan, Nicaraguan and Haitian citizens who had been seized by Mexico due to another ruling.

On Friday, the governor of Texas held a press conference in the city of Brownsville, on the Mexican border, next to the border fence, in which he praised the effectiveness of the state authorities in preventing illegal border crossings. last week. Greg Abbott also mentioned that he has reached out to US state governors to help secure the borders. He said Florida and Idaho have indicated that they will send law enforcement officers to Texas, which shares about 2,000 km of border with Mexico.

announced the governor of Texas Plans to make illegal border crossing a crime to create a legal basis for catching illegal arrivals. In addition, providing migrants with a place to hide is a crime, and people smuggling is punishable by at least 10 years in prison, said Greg Abbott, who also added that they will continue to build barriers at the border. that have proven effective.

At midnight on May 11, due to the coronavirus pandemic, Regulation No. 42, passed in March 2020, which allowed the immediate deportation of some illegal arrivals, lost its effect. Since May 12, the previous law has been in force again, and hereby Anyone can apply for asylum in the United StatesHowever, this was subject to conditions by the federal government and declared ineligible for refugee status for those who cross the border illegally or who have not previously registered through application for this purpose or at a US embassy.

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