The notorious scammer has been deported from the United States

One of her lawyers claimed that “German heiress Anna” Delphi “Sorokin may have been expelled from the United States. He then came to the conclusion that he could no longer contact his student on Monday.

Anna Sorokin was sentenced to 12 years in prison for fraud in 2017 after she beat a large portion of New York’s elite like Anna Delphi and caused massive damage to several American banks and luxury hotels.

Four years later, in 2021, he was released for good behavior and then re-arrested by the US Immigration Service six weeks later due to the expiration of his visa. Sorokin has submitted a visa application to remain in the United States, and the hearing is scheduled for April 19.

Legally speaking, they cannot be expelled until April 19. His lawyer, Manny Arora, said in a statement that the expulsion order was signed on February 17, after which we have one month to appeal. Since many lawsuits have been filed against us and we are dealing with bureaucracy, we never know if there is something wrong with the administrative process. I haven’t been able to get to Miss Sorokin since Monday noon, so I continue to work knowing that she has been deported. [az Egyesült Államokból]. “

However, Sorokin’s battle for a visa may be over: According to the New York Times, a warning appeared in the messaging app used in the prison that Sorokin was no longer in their custody.

The fact of the deportation was confirmed by several friends of Anna “Delphi” who spoke with her. They added that Delphi did not expect to be deported. Before traveling to the United States in his twenties, he was living with his family in Germany, so he was deported there.

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Anna Sorokin recently filed a joint lawsuit with other prisoners against the Bureau of Immigration with the assistance of the ACLU. Sorokin argued in the application that he had not received a reminder to vaccinate against the coronavirus at his repeated request, and thus had been infected.

He strongly denied the possibility of deporting him before his release from custody. Instead, he criticized the immigration system, as well as the fact that most of his fellow prisoners did not receive legal aid because it was not possible to request a free state-appointed attorney in immigration cases.

He also complained that while he knew in advance when he was due to appear in court during his trial, he did not know this information in advance while in immigration detention. Anna “Delphi” Sorokin worked hard to stay in New York. He appealed against his deportation, was a guest on the podcast, began work on his own book, and was working on several documentary plans.

In his spare time, he watched the Netflix series “Behind the Heiress” (Anna’s Invention) about her. In an interview with a New York Times reporter who appeared on TikTok, he said that he was not as naughty and deceitful as the series had shown him. He paid off his debts by receiving $320,000 from Netflex.

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