The North Korean government describes the North Korean government as a pro-American sucker

A North Korean propaganda website criticized the South Korean president-elect and several ministerial candidates Thursday, accusing them of, among other things, of American friendship, MTI wrote.

He promised stricter measures against Alfinjan missile tests John Szuk Jul According to Uriminzokkori, he was shocked by his expressions such as “preventive plague and main enemy”.

The site also criticized politicians appointed by the new president for the chiefs of foreign affairs, defense and reunification, who were described as being pro-American.

John Szuk Jul He had previously said he would allow a preemptive strike against North Korea if he saw clear signs of Pyongyang’s North neighbor calling its attack intent or its main enemy.

In the words of her predecessor, the two Koreas are trying to strengthen rapprochement Moon Dai In Also criticized.

Jun Szok Jolt will take office on May 10th.

Meanwhile, North Korean state media did not mention Pyongyang’s missile launch the previous day, which was reported by the South Korean military and Japan’s Defense Ministry shortly after the operation. Seoul and Tokyo added in a statement that it is assumed to be a ballistic missile.

North Korea certainly won’t announce a missile test failure, but it’s too early to talk about that, as yesterday’s launch looked more successful.

– said a member of the Department of North Korean Studies at Seoul University, Buck Von John.

Wednesday was Pyongyang’s 14th missile test this year.

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