Csupa hasznos funkciót hozott a Steam Deck új frissítése kép

The new Steam Deck update has added a lot of useful features

In addition to the locked screen and unlimited fps, support for Windows 11, which was previously only available in beta, is now final on Steam Deck.

Many have highlighted in early tests of Steam Deck that Valve will have serious opportunities to upgrade the hardware without having to replace hardware components, simply by expanding the software. At the moment, it seems that the manufacturer is also taking advantage of this opportunity, and therefore indirectly, among other things, ray tracing Also made possible on a laptop. Another update was released the other day, which brought more convenience features, but could also showcase performance-related innovations.

Like modern smartphones, Steam Deck has a screen lock that can be set to wake the device, boot it, or put it into desktop mode, in which case the mini PC will only unlock the players after entering the PIN.

Valve has updated the display of achievement pages for greater visibility, built-in keyboard support for 21 new languages, and built-in incoming and outgoing friend request pages, among other things. Among many other little things, the charging experience was polished, now a message appears indicating whether the power supply connected to the Steam Deck does not meet the device’s needs, and the charging light dims shortly after the power starts so it isn’t too annoying in the dark.

Also, Steam Deck is now available not only in beta but also as part of a stable release with Windows 11 ending fTMP support, but SteamOS is still recommended for gamers looking for better performance. And the new version is also worth installing because the new firmware makes the deck more energy efficient at idle and low load. But if we really want to take advantage of the hardware capabilities, we can even unlock the frame rate limit in the system. But in addition to this, many other fixes and fine-tuning have been replaced in the software update released by Valve. You can read on their official website.

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