The new preview takes on a variety of opponents from the PS5-exclusive shooter

The new preview takes on a variety of opponents from the PS5-exclusive shooter

Another preview of Returnal is presented, which is the Finnish Housemarque for PlayStation 5, in which we have to fight all kinds of unfriendly creatures on an alien planet. The new trailer features these seemingly different problematic opponents.

There will be a bunch of bizarre lifestyles in the game, Mycomorph, for example, like a high mushroom that throws germs and slows down the player. Titanops are a giant jumping over our faces in an attempt to disperse us with a blade grown from our hands. The Automaton looks like a large robot that appears to be scattering laser beams from two rotating machine guns. Gorgolith is like an underground scorpion with a laser in place of its tail. Ixion appears particularly dangerous while flying and throwing millions of bullets, not only because no “information” about him has been found, but also because a separate tape indicates his life span – which means he doubts he will be president. A wounded Scout appears to be a special enemy because it “looks like” a player. It wouldn’t be surprising if this creature had anything to do with broken releases of the hero in earlier timelines.

Returnal promises to be a very special game serving the roguelite and bullet hell genres preferred by indie developers with AAA graphics. In Hungarian, it will be a shooting game in which we try to dodge a sea of ​​projectiles by zigzag up and down, and if we die, we can start randomly renewed levels from a previous point. The story of the astronaut, Celine, caught in a time loop, featured in a previously published preview in one degree in more detail, and in another in the combat system.

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Returnal will be released on PlayStation 5 on April 30th.

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