The new mountain dweller could be the star of Netflix

The new mountain dweller could be the star of Netflix

  • Director Chad Stahelsky said he intended Henry Cavill to play the lead role
  • According to him, he has a special charisma as an actor and is a dedicated crew member
  • This concept is currently being developed, but the work is slowly taking place

Last summer, news broke that he was new to Hollywood mountaineer They are planning a movie. It was not Christopher Lambert, whom we also met at Budapest Comic Con, who was in a particularly friendly mood, but with the current star, Henry Cavill, in the main role. British actor in espionage thrillers (Mission: Impossible – AfterAnd the man from uncle), The butter In the fantasy series he has already established himself as DC’s Superman, in fact, according to reports, one at a fatal pace He will also pay his respects in the occasional episode. Therefore he has enough experience to mountaineer Play the role of your protagonist at a high level.

This is the movie

The collidermanaged to speak – John Wick The director, who also spoke a few words about the future of the series. Although Chad Stahelski a wick In addition to movies, currently Ghost of Tsushima Adapt it and one Shanghai gangsters He is also working on the series, based on his statement A mountaineer takes priority. “Currently [koncepció] The process of demarcation is underway. I think we know what we want. The most important thing is to know what we want to do. It is in the creators. We know what we want to make. We just have to get to the point where we feel like, OK, we’ve got it, let’s do it. But we’re closer to that than ever, so we’re doing really well.”

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(Henry Cavill in Butter. Photo credit: The New York Times)

Henry Cavill worker

Stahelski confirmed that they would like to sign Cavill for the lead role, calling the thirty-nine-year-old actor one of his biggest catches. It’s not just about muscles and a cuddly look. I think so [Cavill] It has an amazing effect [a nézőkre] It will bring something very special. His commitment is also exceptional,” the acrobatic-turned-director praised his star.

Mountain Dweller (1986)

The protagonist of the original authorship is XVI. Scotsman Conor MacLeod of the nineteenth century, who was soon revealed to belong to a narrow circle of immortals. His Spanish patron Ramirez made it clear to him that he could leave this world only with a heavy loss. Connor prepares for a series of deadly duels with fellow drinkers, at the end of which only one person can survive. After the faltering centuries, our hero is finally back in XX. It appears in the nineteenth century in New York. He battles his old rival, the evil Kurgan.

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