The New Life of Antonia Balint -

The New Life of Antonia Balint –

“Your decision was completely conscious, I once said with a heavy heart, but enough of the media It is to explain Balint Antonia world of palikék where did he go In his current broadcast he added:- You need stability. I love owning a product, I’ve worked as a presenter for several years. After the crisis of 2007, when I was home with the baby for two years, it was hard to come back after that, and I couldn’t even go back the way I left. I found myself more I jump in balletI go to all kinds of shows, I’m there, I feel good, but where’s the product? Where to host, and at all. He didn’t really like it, which is why he was very volatile financially as well. My little daughter went to first grade, she began to learn to read and write, and I took care of her on my own, so such waving was not allowed. Mostly financially, so I was looking for something more stable. Civil life seemed more stable, and I chose that. Wherever I went to work, I was expected not to be in the media.”

Balint’s daughter, Antonia, is now 14, and Tonksy is happy to socialize in her civilian life. “But he’s been in the studio with me once or twice, of course, he knows they know his mother, and he always smiles so well that I can’t go where they don’t know.” He said, saying that he was amazed that there was not yet a corner of the country in which I did not know him.

Antonia Balint has been living for 2 years In a relationship with Velvet Wolf.

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