The new force defeated Robert Golub, the former prime minister, Yanez Jansha

The new force defeated Robert Golub, the former prime minister, Yanez Jansha

To his surprise, only 5 parties reached the 4 percent threshold, which so far appears to have favored the opposition.

At 11:30 pm, the Slovenian election should have been decided. After processing 90 percent of the votes, the competition is in the 90-member Slovenian Parliament

  • There will be 41 assignments to form Robert Golub’s new medium, the Freedom Movement
  • Incumbent Prime Minister Janez Janša’s party, the Slovenian Democratic Party-SDS, won 28 seats.
  • The center-right party of New Slovenia (NSi) will get 8 seats,
  • 7 to the left socdems and
  • 4 to Luica also on the left.

It seems, surprisingly, that no one else can jump the 4 percent threshold, and it will take out 90 seats so that the two remaining seats are one for Italy and one for Hungary.

With a majority of 46 people in the government, the three center-left parties can do so under normal alliances because the SDS and NSi, the two right-wing parties, take only 36 seats, while the other three parties together can take 52 seats. .

Although coalition negotiations will of course begin now, but since the largest party has also become the Freedom Movement, it will almost certainly be called upon to form a government.

With voters already heavily treated, the former prime minister said his party would form a European-style opposition, but added that he was surprised by how much voters didn’t appreciate the results.

To the surprise of some of the parties that recently gave Slovenia a head of government, ie

  • Alenka Bratušek, the first female Prime Minister of Slovenia,
  • Miro Cerar, lawyer
  • Or Marjan Garik, a comedian
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He couldn’t jump over the threshold either.

In our previous analysis, we also called Robert Golub “Slovenian Jati”. The electrical engineering entrepreneur, with his new party, the Freedom Movement, exploded out of almost nothing and penned fairly ordinary letters. Golub has previously been successful in the energy field, but also has experience in public administration because he was Secretary of State before.

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