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The new federation has only six member organizations
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The new federation has only six member organizations

The international federation suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) since 2019 is the Russian Federation Omar Karimlev The new organization created against the IBA led

World Boxing has already applied to the International Olympic Committee to be recognized as a sports federation, which has yet to happen. At the same time, in June, the Olympic Committee — in an unprecedented way — classified the IBA from recognized status to unrecognized status, meaning that in the future the sport could not be represented in any pentathlon event or qualification, nor could it receive IOC support. .

The IBA is no longer allowed to organize the boxing tournament at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, just as it has nothing to do with next year’s summer pentathlon games in Paris, and according to the current situation boxing is missing from the program of the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

World Boxing was created by the founders specifically in order to preserve the future of the Olympic sport.

The new federation does not yet have a president, who may change in November, when the first World Boxing Congress will be held.

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