The new Croatian government was in power

The new Croatian government was in power

And local newspapers wrote that he inaugurated the new Croatian government from the center-right led by Andrei Blinkovic in the Zagreb Parliament on Thursday evening.

Cabinet was supported by 76 of 151 members of the Croatian legislature.

In his speech at the start of the parliamentary session, Plenkovic promised:

They focus on raising competitiveness and living standards, lowering taxes, raising salaries and pensions, creating new jobs, halving the number of public employees, and initiating economic growth.

With regard to foreign policy, he set as a strategic goal joining the Schengen area, introducing the euro and increasing the national sovereignty of Croatia and its influence in Europe and the world.

In addition to the prime minister, the new government will include four deputy prime ministers, Davor Bozinovic, Interior Minister Zdravko Mari ،, Finance Minister Tomo Medved, a veterinary minister – all three old and new leaders – Boris Milosevic, a representative of the Serbian minority, and an independent Serbian democrat. P in the person of the minister without portfolio.

Croatian Prime Minister Andrej Plenkovic presents the program of his new government resulting from the elections for members of the European Parliament in the Zagreb Chamber on July 23.
Photo: MTI / AP / Daniel Kasap

Four ministerial portfolios were merged, so instead of twenty, the Zagreb government would have sixteen ministries: the center-right Croatian Democratic Society (HDZ) would have fifteen ministers and national minorities one. There were also four women among the prime ministers of most of the ministers in the previous government. The new old prime minister announced the names of the two candidates.

Former Public Administration Minister Ivan Malenika, who will head the Unified Ministry of Administration and Justice, will be sworn in later because he was recently detected with the Coronavirus.

In the early elections on July 5, the Democratic Union of Croatia, with three members from the diaspora, won 66 seats, and the Restart coalition, led by the opposition Social Democratic Party (SDP), won 41 seats in the 151-member legislature. The National Movement came in third place, winning 16 seats. He crossed the 5 percent threshold in Parliament and garnered 8 seats on the Independent Right Bridge List (now), and to his surprise, Muzimo came with 7 seats! (We can!) Is a new left-green alliance. The union of center-left parties named the party by name and surname (Stranka imenom i prezimenom) could count on three parliamentary seats, and both the HNS and the reformist Radimir Cacic could count on one seat. Of the eight guaranteed seats for national minorities, Serbs hold 3 seats, Hungarian, Italian, Czech and Slovak seats, and all other nationalities are represented by two seats in the new parliament.

The government is supported by HNS, reformists, and 8 minority representatives.

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