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The new church was blessed at the school in Garden City

The new church was blessed at the school in Garden City

In the midst of schoolwork, on busy weekdays, and in the rush of the world, the chapel that opened on Friday afternoon at St. Joseph Kirtvaros Catholic Primary School in Hodmezovasarelli will be a place for the quiet, deep moments that are most needed. A former classroom hidden in a quieter corner of the building has recently been remodeled, and its door will now always remain open to those seeking peace. As the school’s director, Edit Johasny Wolf, told our newspaper in the moments before the dedication, on the feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary: For 15 years, they have carried out the mission of the Church to educate the children who attend their institution according to true and eternal values. . Since then, it has been very important for them to continue this responsibility with their parents.

There are many spaces in the building where the joy of community togetherness can be experienced, but a place that truly conveys the message of calm, intimacy and silence was missing. A place where both children and adults can hear God’s voice. We are confident that many people will enter this liturgical space

– confirmed the head of the institution. They have been able to create a space for 70-80 people with the support of the school principal, so they will be able to host full classes and classes at masses and other events, said Dean Laszlo Nemeth. The church is equipped with prescribed rituals, furniture, and a reading platform, among other things, making the altar and its surroundings ritualistic.

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In addition to the cross in the middle, there are also special icons made by Maria Bolas, who also works in glass panels.

We give what we can give, because we will not take anything with us. I believe that children in school need to feel the love and security that the school and parents provide them

– Tell. He added: The icons he created were best placed in a very close-knit community.

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