The Netherlands is among our four water polo players

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The Hungarian women’s water polo team beat the Netherlands 14-14 in the quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics, making it into the top four. Our country will face Spain saying goodbye to China in the semi-finals.

As is known, the Hungarian team took second place in the group behind the United States, which they defeated, so in the quarter-finals, the Hungarian team faced the third out of the other five: the Netherlands. In January of this year, in the final match of the Trieste Olympic qualifiers – already without betting – confrontations with the Dutch, then Attila Bíró won 13-11.

First Quarter

Vályi Vályi fetched the ball in the first swim, but in attack both teams struggled to catch up with the rhythm. Dorottya Szilágyi got the premiere of the match, but the Dutch only hit the crossbar. In the middle of the quarter, Holland advanced with a human-friendly goal from Kitty Jostra. The Hungarian equaliser was not long in coming, and Gréta Gurisatti pulled the ball into goal with a backcrossing move. Simon van de Krats found the net from five metres, but this time the answer came through Anna Elijah from the fork. Gorissati had the last word, the wrong hand pounded from the side to the short top, so we had the advantage after eight minutes of play. (3-4)

Second Quarter

In the second part of the game, both defenses were well closed, and goal columns, blocks and possessions followed each other. Vályi collected the first offer of the quarter, but the Dutch could not live with it, Alda Magyari defended Van de Kraats’ shot. He had already turned his next attempt into a goal, even though it was from five feet he had cut in the lower left. After capturing Vivian Sevinic, we regained the lead, Giati succeeded Greta for the third time in the match. On the other side, they also switched to a goal on the other side, Nomi Stumporst’s short shot, then the VAR also confirmed that he gave up the shot in time. The Hungarian team won several times, and the Dutch tied. NA DE! Four seconds remained as Dóra Leimeter’s midfield shot near the midfielder found its way into the net, and the rebound left the Dutch goalkeeper confused. So we had an advantage during the big break. (7-8)

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Third quarter

After half a turn, as in the first two quarters, the scoreboard manager had nothing to do for minutes, even though five opponents had faded. In the sixth match – which was judged against the Dutch – Attila Biro asked for some time, the captain of the federation felt that this was a very important psychological moment in the match, we are not two goals ahead yet. So far: Rybanska Natasa put near the grid to play. Attila Perrault’s self-deprecating joy came only after that: Anna Elise made an offer, bringing the difference to three – the Dutch demand for time exploded. Like the five metres, the fourth that was blown up for the Dutch – this was replaced by Maud Miggins’ goal. Our opponent, Miggins, also pushed from his last attack, catching up. (9-10)

Fourth quarter

The fourth quarter also brought about the usual first minutes of a goalless game until Van de Krats equalised. In the middle of the match, Krisztina Garda turned into a goal, then after a brilliant ball from Dorottya Szilágyi, she also flashed in an attack, hitting it on the top right, so the two-goal difference was restored. After scoring the ball Dagmar brought Jenny back more and more from Holland and then at the start of the last minute we got a key foul and Attila Biro asked for time. The fictional character came, and Dorotia Szilagyi shot undefended from the middle to the right side of the gate in her hands trying to block. Dóra Leimeter scored the point for me, as Hungary defeated the Netherlands 14-11 and reached the semi-finals.

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The Hungarian team will meet Spain, who will bid farewell to China on Thursday.

Tokyo 2020

Women’s water polo, every quarter

Netherlands – Hungary 11-14 (3-4, 4-4, 2-2, 2-4)


19.50: Australian Russian Olympic Team



United States 6-15


-China 7-11

In the semi-finals


United States and Australia / Russian Olympic team

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