Még idén befut a Netflix Dragon Age sorozata bevezetőkép

The Netflix series Dragon Age will be released later this year

Dragon Age: Absolution takes spectators into the world of Tevinter that is often mentioned in the games.

Last summer, we first heard that Netflix had teamed up with the BioWare team to adapt the Dragon Age role-playing game into an animated series, relying more specifically on it to tell a new story that fans are still familiar with.

In today’s video game segment of this week’s Netflix series Geeked Week, the cover of the collaboration, titled Dragon Age: Absolution, has been dropped, and Thedas’ plot, which witches keep on their fingers, becomes the home of their plot. That’s none other than Tevinter, who we suspect is visiting in Dragon Age: Dreadwolf, which is expected soon next year.

Details of the story are not known yet, only Netflix revealed that it is inspired by the traditions of the Dragon Age and will include elves, mages, konares, the red temple, demons, and other special surprises.

As the show’s director, Mairghread Scott (Magic: The Gathering) is doing a puppet show on Dragon Age: Absolution, which will debut on Netflix in December.

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