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The Navalny Case: The Poles are already calling for sanctions against Russia

The Navalny Case: The Poles are already calling for sanctions against Russia

In an interview with the Financial Times in the Monday issue of The London Business, Andre Duda said it was “absolutely appropriate” to signal the possibility of further sanctions against Moscow, given the action against Navalny in terms of and Russia’s role in the continuation of the war. Unresolved conflicts in Georgia and Ukraine.

“There is no other peaceful way to pressure a country that violates international law. The rule of international law is fundamental in this situation. There is no war as long as international law is respected. And if international law is violated, then there is always conflict.” The Polish president put it.

He added that the only way to avoid conflict is to enforce respect for international law, and that “without guns, cannons and bombs” is possible only through sanctions.

Andrzej Duda stated that Poland stands ready to help build consensus on this issue.

According to the Polish head of state, Josep Borrell, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy should rethink his visit to Moscow next month. “It would be a mistake if this visit was conditional on Navalny’s release,” he said.

According to Doda, the toolkit to increase pressure on Moscow could include taking action against Gazprom.

“I believe that by limiting Gazprom’s ability to operate economically in the European Union, progress can be made towards respect for international law, human rights and political rights in Russia, because (action against Gazprom) would be a dangerous development for Russia’s economic development.” The Polish president told the Financial Times .

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The British daily newspaper indicated that Andre Duda did not congratulate US President Joe Biden until the Electoral College confirmed Biden winning the presidency. The Financial Times also reported that Biden, along with Belarus, were mentioned in the election campaign when talking about the emerging totalitarian regimes around the world.

However, in the interview, Andrzej Duda tried to downplay both cases, saying: The relations between Warsaw and Washington are so important that they do not depend on a single comment or gesture.

He added that it was too early to congratulate Biden “on the grounds that the media decided to announce the election results.”

Duda said he was pleased with the increase in the US military presence in Poland. “We are ready to receive the American army and create conditions for its deployment,” the Polish president said in an interview with the London daily.

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