The national team: At Wembley Stadium, the national anthem is usually whistled

The national team: At Wembley Stadium, the national anthem is usually whistled

Many Hungarians from England will watch the match on Tuesday from the domestic sector, the situation for those coming from Hungary will be complicated by the epidemic measures, and there is no expectation of an auditorium.

Some English fans also whistled the national team anthem at the European Championship final in July (Image: Getty Images)


Before the Hungary-England match in September, the British press feared various incidents for fans. Although federal captain Marco Rossi and the players requested sport-like support, the meeting resonated heavily and did not go smoothly. In many places after the confrontation, the focus was not on the English 4-0 win but on the events in the hall, and FIFA fined the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) for two closed-door matches for the goalkeeper (one of which was suspended). ). FIFA said it had punished some fans for “racist behavior and other incidents (such as throwing objects in the stadium)”. MLSZ responded to all this by filing a complaint against the cripplers, and “the behavior of the vandals, who, unlike tens of thousands, were proven to be racist against the players in the World Cup qualifiers in Hungary at the beginning of September, to be vigorously condemned … MLSZ still believes To punish the masses who create a good atmosphere in a stadium of sixty thousand and an organized association which takes all necessary measures in such a cruel collective manner is not a just and counterproductive step.”

MLSZ received 4400 entries from English

The joy of Raheem Sterling’s unforgettable goal in the World Cup qualifiers between Hungary and England in Puskas

The two teams will meet again on Tuesday, this time at Wembley, which before the European Championship in July was more like a battlefield due to the English attackers storming the stadium without a ticket. Although the match was played three months ago and UEFA launched a disciplinary investigation against the Englishman, the decision was not taken for some reason …. After the chaos of the European Championship final in London and the match in Budapest, there is an interesting question that Hungarian fans are expecting. How much will they be affected by the epidemic?

The UK does not accept all vaccines used in Hungary, so those who do not receive many tests or quarantine from Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca will find the journey completely impossible, or at least very difficult. Hungarians with an EU vaccination card must also test it on the second day after their arrival; It is clear what they should do in case they travel home before the second day. The UK government website states that the test should be taken in any case, but only if the traveler is still in England on the second day after arrival.

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“I feel MLSZ could have better informed us of the entry rules – kos, who travels from Budapest to the match, told our newspaper. “It is not easy for someone who is fully protected, my twin brother and I have been planning the trip since the summer, we bought the ticket, but my brother got an oriental vaccination, so he won’t come. It wouldn’t have been bad if the two unions came to an agreement and it was easier for the fans to get in than It was at the European Championships in Budapest. I don’t think there will be a problem on Tuesday, I’m not the type to be scared.”

By the way, Ákos was out at the Hungarian-English meeting. Throwing glasses at the European Portuguese-French Championships). However, he felt that it could not be said that the entire fan base had collectively created a hostile atmosphere.

Hopefully there won’t be as much ordeal in London ahead of Tuesday’s World Cup qualifiers as it was before the Summer World Cup final (Image: Getty Images)

This audience is not hostile to researchers

English newspaper
sports mole
The British newspaper wrote that the Hungarian national team has not reached the World Cup finals since 1986, and the sugarcane march continues. With Albania winning 1-0 on Saturday night, Marco Rossi left the competition, winning only one of his last eight matches. It would be a huge surprise if you beat England at Wembley after that.
Sky Sports
England could be in big trouble if they don’t beat the Hungarian team, and Albania beat the Poles. However, according to the English newspaper, the chances of that are slim, as Gareth Southgate’s match in Tuesday’s match will be a great opportunity, a big Plama if they do not win at home to the Hungarian team in fourth place in the group.
The Scottish newspaper wrote that the Hungarian national team, which outperforms the European Championship, has been weakening for months. England could play at Wembley for the second time after losing the World Cup final to Italy on Tuesday, and based on the paper format, they should win smoothly against Hungary in the hole.
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But what can we expect from Tuesday’s match? Bad week? Calm weather? After another smooth victory for the British and the Hungarian Albanians, the stakes are far from what they seemed days ago.

“If there is anything wrong, I will be surprised if the English take the lead – said an English printer of Hungarian origin from a distance to our newspaper. “Generally speaking, firstborns who are immediately curious about such playoffs are other types of fans who are more relaxed and more famous than those who go to the big leagues. There will certainly be a few who will make their voice heard, but this audience is no longer a bad hunter. Luck.I don’t know what to expect from Hungarians, I can only imagine the provocative Molinos.There is no problem with the fact that guest fans can come now, but MLSZ should focus more on excluding people with problems, unfortunately we have seen too many Very of the majority of Hungarian printers are chosen because of a minority.”

Since there are many Hungarians living in England, we have many citizens who go to London for the match.

“Because of the epidemiological situation, it did not even occur to me to buy a ticket for the guest sector, there were no English printers in Budapest, at first I thought that there could be no guests now. Someone said. – Finally, I bought five tickets for the local sector, without any problems, we are all Hungarian, some from Spain and some from France. These were easier to buy and are for better places, and there are no additional conditions to be met. I don’t really expect any issues, neither of us are the frantic kind, but we’re clearly not sitting at discount printers with non-galactic colours. I am not optimistic about the prospects, I expect a multi-target defeat.”

Hungarian field under the jacket

Another Hungarian character goes from London to the Hungarian sector with his English friends.

“With many key English players resting against Andorra, we have a tough game ahead, especially after the Albanians were defeated Our newspaper said. – I know it’s customary to whistle the national anthem at Wembley, so I’m expecting that on Tuesday as well, especially given the way the English media have been writing about Hungary since September. If someone had asked me before the European Championship, I would have said I wouldn’t be excited about the match, but after the chaos I saw in the European Championship final, I’m sure I’d be more careful. If I wear a Hungarian shirt, I’ll take it under my jacket.”

This seems to be the wisest decision.

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We contacted the FA about the match and fans, and expected security measures, but our questions weren’t answered until the end of the page: Will there be a full house? Are fans anticipating a disorderly disorder? Are matches considered high risk from a safety standpoint? Will there be more police than usual in Tuesday’s game?

Selected Hungarian Frame
goalkeepers: Bogdan Adam (FTC), Dibusz Denes (FTC), Peter Galaxy (RB Leipzig – Germany)
Defenders: Balogh Butund (Parma – Italy), Paula Bendigos (Grasshoppers – Switzerland), Ákos Kecskés (FK Nizhny Novgorod – Russia), Adam Adam (Omonia – Cyperus), Zolt Nagy (Puskas Academy), Loic Nego (Fervar FC Mall), Attila Szalay (Fenerbahce – Turkey)
Midfielders: Rich Daniel (Philadelphia Union – United States), László Kleinheisler (NK Osijek – Croatia), Big Adam (Pisa – Italy), Andras Schaeffer (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia), Dominic Zuboszlai (RB Leipzig – Germany), Balint Fixy (FTC)
Attackers: Janus Han (FC DAC 1904 – Slovakia), Philip the Dutch (Partizan Pograd – Serbia), Nikolex Nemanja (Fervar FC Mall), Sly Roland (Freiburg – Germany), Daniel Saloy (Sporting Kansas City – United States), Czabulex Shun (FC Dallas – United States), Farga Roland (Ittihad Kalba – United Arab Emirates)
in defense Potka Indri (FTC) will also be a member of the framework, but cannot play against the English due to the ban.

European Qualifications Group 1, October matches
Round 7
Saturday October 9
Hungary – Albania 0-1
(issue 80)
Poland – San Marino 5-0 (Swiederski 10, Broly 20 – Goalkeeper, Kidziora 50, Boksa 84, Biatek 90 + 1.)
Andorra Anglia 0-5 (Shelwell 17., B. Saka 40., T. Abraham 59., Ward Prause 79., Grealish 86.)

Round 8
Tuesday 12 October
20.45: San Marino – Andorra
20.45: Albania and Poland

Group I case.
1. Anglia 7 6 1 23-2 +21 19
2. Albania 7 5 2 11-6 +5 15th
3. Poland 7 4 2 1 8-24 +16 14
4. Hungary 7 3 1 3 12-11 +1 10
5. Andorra 7 1 6 4-19 -15th 3
6. San Marino 7 7 1–29 –28 0

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