The National Election Commission will prepare a report on the SMS

The National Election Commission will prepare a report on the SMS

At Friday’s meeting of the NVB, Tamás Szalay asked the board of directors to contact the relevant bodies in a formal procedure: the investigative authority to conduct criminal proceedings, as well as the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority.

At the meeting, NVB members supported by ten votes to one against the SMS report.

Likewise, there was support for the commission to turn to the data protection authority.

The NVB asked the authorities to take action in the “data theft case” because the board received several requests in which millions of recorded text messages sent per week were intercepted. The vast majority of beneficiaries did not consent to the use of their data in political campaigns.

In recent days, SMS messages have been sent from an unknown phone number urging support from the left. Such letters were also received by those who did not provide any information to the left parties, including many members of the government.

Gordon Bagnay and the “US trainee secret secretary”, DATADAT, are also suspected of being involved in clandestine and illegal phishing, illegal use of personal information, and illegal campaign financing.

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