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The name Olaszfalu preserves the memory of the French monks

The name Olaszfalu preserves the memory of the French monks

They are welcomed with a presentation of local history in Olaszfalu Those who have moved here in recent years. In addition, Hajnalka Márkusné Vörös, Senior Archivist of Veszprém County, highlighted a few fragments of the village’s past, in each of which the resettlement and the specific life situation of the people often had to play an important role. Over the centuries, many people have left Olaszfalu, many people have moved here, and this is not new, what is important, according to the expert, is the attentive observation of it, what makes them feel that they have found their home. The house in which they live, the warmth of the hearth, knowledge of the neighborhood, acceptance of traditions, and especially the experience of acceptance certainly contribute to this.

The gym is full of interested people
Photographer: Zita Rimani

Marcus said that once travelers called what they saw here a wonderful wilderness, they admired the centuries-old trees, which would be difficult for five people to reach if they joined hands. According to the popular interpretation of the name’s origin, since many pigs were kept in this settlement – which is correct – it was referred to as “Olaszfalu” (Olaszfalu), which is why Olaszfalu became the name of the village. But actually because of the first Cistercians who came from France, from Champagne, and the Walloons were called Italians in the Middle Ages. The people of Olászfálu were nicknamed the Cabbage Tubs, and their village was the forerunner of the monks who founded the Zyrcin Monastery.
So there were always people moving in and out. The fact that there wasn’t any empty space in the school gymnasium, they sat on benches and benches, and family members participated in Olaszfalu Pensioners Association in this event. People are the most important value – noted one of the organizers, Antal Varga. He told me that When he collected the local treasure trove, the portraits of people who practiced various professions were collected on a board and many civic organizations were founded, the idea of ​​building society and the future came from dealing with the past: they could participate in public thinking those who became local recently because of their knowledge and experience. Due to the method of implementation, Olaszfalu best practices can be adopted in several villages.

According to Antal Varga, people are the most important value
Photographer: Zita Rimani

– I’m curious, He said how can I contribute to the common goals of the villagers Peter Siskes, father of three, also quit his job In December 2020, they can move from Veszprém to Olaszfalu. MHe was a boilermaker, now a firefighter, and once won a local cooking competition. Clean air, easy access, a location close to Veszprém, a good value for money property – these were the reasons for his choice. She never misses a thing in the big city, her kids can be safe, and she has peace of mind, which she considers important. From the first moment, the people of Olázsfalu were friendly to him, in his childhood, when he moved with his parents near Lake Balaton, he had never received such a welcome. The only bonus is that he has always been a hiker in the woods, and in Bakuni there is a landscape that invites you to take a walk.

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