The mystery of the "spaghetti" found on Mars has been revealed

The mystery of the “spaghetti” found on Mars has been revealed

NASA has been able to identify the strange spaghetti-shaped formation photographed by the Persevering Mars rover in July.

we too we wrote that on July 12, day 495 of its mission to Mars, Perseverance photographed a rather strange shape on the surface of the Red Planet. When we saw the photo, we mostly thought of spaghetti, or a worm, or maybe seaweed, but as it turned out, there was no such thing, the rover only found a tangled piece of the take-off and landing module.

The spaghetti-like configuration is nothing more than dacron mesh, a synthetic, resin-soaked fiber often used in high-performance sails, but if persevered it should be part of the heat shield – Writes The does not depend on Based on a NASA blog post. “This particular piece of the net seemed to be in rather poor condition, indicating that it had been subjected to a great deal of force.“NASA noted.

This isn’t the first time a NASA structure has encountered debris left over from a landing gear during its flight. In April, the Ingenuity small helicopter was photographed with the parachute discarded during landing, as well as the aft cover protecting the hulls.

The Perseverance rover and its loyal companion, Creativity, lifted off from Earth in July 2020 and landed on Mars more than a year ago, in February 2021.

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