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The musical Jekyll and Hide will be presented in early April

The musical Jekyll and Hide will be presented in early April

Lines faltered hours before the main entrance to Budapest’s Operetta Theater. Excited, curious spectators and fans of the genre – 400 in number – came to the Jekyll and Hyde audience meeting on March 26 from the capital and various rural towns.

“Again, we cut our ax into big wood, but that’s also the goal of our theater. Recently we’ve come up with bold musical projects like The Violinist on the Roof or Nine.With both productions, we had great success, and now proceeded to the next work, a very complex one, writing the Operetta Theater in Budapest.

The musical Jekyll and Hide will be presented in early AprilSource: Nikolett Peter Laszlo

Jekyll and Hyde build on one of the classic masterpieces of world literature that preceded Freud’s theories. However, the musical is more complex than the basic Gothic adventure novel. Without the songs, she would have taken her place on stage as a drama. A creative artwork that explains the philosophy of good and evil for the human being within us.

Director Attila Case B at the press conference for the presentationSource: Nikolett Peter Laszlo

The main question of the work is whether man and human science can venture into the realm of God. When Stevenson wrote the novel, this question still belonged in the science fiction record. Nowadays, however, we have already crossed the line, with cloning we are trying to create meaning with artificial intelligence – rather than God. Our intentions are good, as are Jekyllé’s, but the end result is frightening – like the terrible fall of the musical protagonist, who is eventually forced to kill his body to give him a chance to melt his soul. As we listen to great music and be fascinated by the visual world, we will surely think that we may be able to perfectly clone the body, and we can also achieve success in coding the mind, but we will never be able to digitize the emotions, and the soul alone. Allah “. Kiss-B is opened. General Manager Attila held a press event in conjunction with the general meeting.

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At an audience meeting two days ago, zigzag lines waited in front of the theatre’s main entrance.From rural cities: Szomb, Újszász, Göd, Veresegyház, Győr, Pécs, Boconád, Cserkeszőlőr, Márkó, Adony, Szigetmonostor, Naszály, Szigetszentmiklós, Vác, Tkata, Bokzya.

We really want to light up the human side of the dark, demonic world in performance, the search for light, and the balance between good and evil. According to my manager’s intentions, the title character’s father will appear in the first picture.” – Show Director Balázs Vincze confirmed The three-act premiere of the Jekyll and Hyde musical will take place on April 1, 2 and 3.

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