The motocross champion from Orosház can ride a motorbike in the United States

Zanócz Noel, who has been in motocross for nearly a dozen years, was certified last year by Italian Pardi Reacing Scuola Cross located in Chieti, near Pescara, in the Abruzzo region.

His father, former excellent racer Zanoch Roland, reports that his son has already visited the world championships in Finland this year, where he finished 17th in the top class with his KTM.

– In this junior-only category, eighty-six entered, but only forty qualified for the competition, and Noel – starting with the only Hungarian – came in at 17th place in the field – Roland Zanoch boasted. Noel was also behind the best in the European Championships in Sweden and finished eleventh. We also took part in a Dutch championship competition, where he finished second, but also in the prestigious International D’Italia competition series.

With the support of his father, Noel constantly goes to major competitions in Europe. Of course, his results are noted in several places.

– Noel has been invited to the European team, which will be there for the Motocross of Nations competition, which is very popular in the United States and usually takes place in front of hundreds of thousands of spectators at the venue between September 23-25, which is also known as the Motocross Olympics. He could start in the national team with one Ukrainian and one Czech competitor.

As the youngest competitor ever, Noel can take part in the world event at the age of fifteen, but participation is expensive, and two-thirds of it is still missing. Unfortunately, we can’t do it alone, so we are looking for supporters – said Zanotch Roland. I don’t have to say how honored it is that Noel has been chosen for the European national team and that he can participate in such a huge competition. We don’t want you to miss it for financial reasons, so we’re asking people who love sports for help. Every HUF is important!

Noel is a member of the Orosházi Spartacus Wrestling Club, which will create a supporter sub-account, where payment is expected.

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